Gifts For Mothers

Gifts For Mothers

By Kylie Francis on 5 May 2022


Last December, I became a mother. As an independent spirit who loves to slumber, I suddenly found myself in the haze of sleep-deprivation, serving at the whims of a capricious yet adorable baby boy. While motherhood thus far has been a delightful and deeply fulfilling experience, it has also given me a profound appreciation for all parents, particularly mothers who sacrifice their bodies and hobbies for their children. Celebrating Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to commemorate motherhood in its myriad forms and identities, and if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for mom, browse our edit of products made by mothers or check out this list of my personal favourite items.

Reversible Long Poly Blend Kimono Robe, $350

A good robe is a loungewear staple, whether for lazing around the house or, for new moms like myself, for late-night breastfeeding sessions. I practically lived in my robe for the first month postpartum. This long kimono robe by Feanne features the tamaraw, or Mindoro dwarf buffalo, amidst colourful tropical foliage. It is also fully reversible so you can pick whichever side fits your mood and outfit best.

Butterfly Tote, $250

It’s no surprise that moms need big bags. After all, they have to carry a lot of extra cargo, from diapers to bottles of milk. This tote bag from Sophia by Shirley is both spacious and cute, made from vintage Japanese obi silk. It also comes with a small matching zipper pouch to keep smaller items like keys or pacifiers.

Tomyris Necklace, $390

Coco Chanel once said, “A woman should have ropes and ropes of pearls.” A pearl necklace is a timeless piece of jewellery and this one by Argent Studio is made from mother-of-pearl beads. The beads are cut from natural sea shells, shaped and then drilled one by one. The smaller the size of the bead, the more painstaking the process. The Tomyris necklace uses the smallest size available to create a delicate effect.

Mother-of-Pearl Siren Accessory Dish, $250

As a new mother, I am constantly removing my rings and bracelets before holding my baby for fear of scratching his delicate skin. As a result, my jewellery litters the coffee table and more than once, I’ve almost lost my wedding ring. This Siren accessory dish from Neil Felipp offers the perfect solution as it can not only hold delicate jewellery, but can also be showcased as a display piece.

Tiger Fan, $160

This Macan ‘Tiger’ fan by Pubumésu is the perfect gift to keep a tiger mom like myself cool during hot, sunny days. The brand’s founder, Putri Soediono (who just became a mom herself!), works with an entire village of wayang kulit or shadow puppet artisans who do everything, from cutting to stitching and punching holes and painting, by hand.



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