Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email us at kylie@diaguild.com—we’ll try our best to help! 

What is Dia?

Dia is an online platform featuring products from artisanal Southeast Asian brands and relevant content that celebrates the region. Dia was founded by three Malaysian friends in 2020. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

What does “Dia” or “Dia Guild” mean? 

Dia is a genderless Malay word meaning “she/he/them” and also refers to our greater hope to Directly Impart Artisans. As a Greek prefix, Dia also refers to going “through, across, between.” A “guild” refers to an association of craftsmen, merchants, or people in pursuit of a common goal. You can read more about Dia’s goals and brand mission on the About Us page

Why Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia is home to some of the richest and oldest craft legacies in the world. Dia’s co-founders, who are all Malaysian, realized there were precious products and stories that weren’t getting enough global recognition. Dia is passionate about the region it calls home. 

What is an “artisanal brand”?

An artisanal brand is one that focuses on craft and quality rather than mass production and scale; their production process is partly or entirely done by hand, and typically involves heritage craft skills.

Can I experience Dia from anywhere in the world?

Yes! Dia is based on providing a global audience with an easy way to discover Southeast Asia and shop from amazing Southeast Asian designer brands. Explore our curation of beautiful products and visit our Stories page for interesting content on the region. We don’t ship everywhere yet but we’re working on it—read our Delivery & Returns page for more information about delivery. 

How do you choose the brands you work with? 

Dia builds personal relationships with every brand or artisan to ensure their needs are met and that they meet our standards around ethical production. We are intentional about everything we put on this platform. We work with people we believe in, and who believe in us. 

How long will it take my item to ship? 

Please see our Delivery & Returns page for information related to shipping costs, delivery times, returns, taxes, and duties. 

Do you accept exchanges or allow refunds?

Yes we do allow refunds, which are returned in the form of store credit. Unfortunately, we do not accept exchanges at this time. Please visit the Delivery & Returns page to find out more. 

I’m an artisan or part of an artisanal brand! Can I sell my products on Dia?

We are always on the lookout for deserving artisans and brands to add to the Dia family. Please get in touch with us by emailing kylie@diaguild.com.

I’m not an artisan or part of an artisanal brand. Is Dia open to partnering with me?

Absolutely. We are keen to explore collaborations with like-minded individuals and businesses, no matter what sector they are from. Please email kylie@diaguild.com to tell us more. 

Is Dia online only?

No! Dia will be hosting offline experiences both in Southeast Asia and around the world, including pop-ups, parties, workshops, and other fun ways to connect. Sign Up to our mailing list or follow us on Instagram to get the latest updates. 


Who do I send feedback to?

We always want to hear from you. Please email kylie@diaguild.comwith any queries, thoughts, or feedback you may have.