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Oceania Minaudière Oceania Minaudière
Neil FelippOceania Minaudière
Sale price$1,200.00 USD
Putri S in Metallic GoldPutri S in Metallic Gold
FrankitasPutri S in Metallic Gold
Sale price$120.00 USD
Bilbao BagBilbao Bag
Zacarias 1925Bilbao Bag
Sale price$500.00 USD
Peony Garden Beaded BagPeony Garden Beaded Bag
[In]triguePeony Garden Beaded Bag
Sale price$110.00 USD
Maren Rangrang in LilacMaren Rangrang in Lilac
FrankitasMaren Rangrang in Lilac
Sale price$120.00 USD
Suzy Wong Minaudière Suzy Wong Minaudière, an evening clutch from designer bag brand Neil Felipp
Neil FelippSuzy Wong Minaudière
Sale price$980.00 USD
Putri S in EmeraldPutri S in Emerald
FrankitasPutri S in Emerald
Sale price$120.00 USD
Gold Kiku Obi Silk HandbagGold Kiku Obi Silk Handbag
Gold Leaf Beaded BagGold Leaf Beaded Bag
[In]trigueGold Leaf Beaded Bag
Sale price$110.00 USD
Phoenix Minaudière Phoenix Minaudière
Neil FelippPhoenix Minaudière
Sale price$1,200.00 USD
Chitose BagChitose Bag
Khoon HooiChitose Bag
Sale priceFrom $55.00 USD
Vintage Obi Silk ClutchVintage Obi Silk Clutch
SOPHIA by ShirleyVintage Obi Silk Clutch
Sale priceFrom $150.00 USD
Luna BagLuna Bag
Moy StudioLuna Bag
Sale price$160.00 USD
Putri S in PlumPutri S in Plum
FrankitasPutri S in Plum
Sale price$120.00 USD
Chiasa Short Handle BagChiasa Short Handle Bag
Khoon HooiChiasa Short Handle Bag
Sale price$50.00 USD
Maren Rangrang in Baby PinkMaren Rangrang in Baby Pink
Mini Ovolo BagMini Ovolo Bag
Zacarias 1925Mini Ovolo Bag
Sale price$250.00 USD
Titin in GoldTitin in Gold
FrankitasTitin in Gold
Sale price$75.00 USD
Putri S in Light BluePutri S in Light Blue
FrankitasPutri S in Light Blue
Sale price$120.00 USD
Be BagBe Bag
Zacarias 1925Be Bag
Sale price$400.00 USD
Candy Tropics Beaded BagCandy Tropics Beaded Bag
[In]trigueCandy Tropics Beaded Bag
Sale price$110.00 USD
Natural MONY Bag with Pastel Green Macramé HandleNatural MONY Bag with Pastel Green Macramé Handle
Batik Clutch: Reds & PinksBatik Clutch: Reds & Pinks
Simian MinaudiereSimian Minaudiere
Neil FelippSimian Minaudiere
Sale priceFrom $1,050.00 USD
Batik Flap ClutchBatik Flap Clutch
Pink JambuBatik Flap Clutch
Sale price$250.00 USD
Sakura Minaudière Sakura Minaudière, an evening clutch from designer bag brand Neil Felipp
Neil FelippSakura Minaudière
Sale price$1,100.00 USD
Pearlised Camison BagPearlised Camison Bag
Zacarias 1925Pearlised Camison Bag
Sale price$320.00 USD
Santan MinaudièreSantan Minaudière
Neil FelippSantan Minaudière
Sale price$1,100.00 USD
Sari BagSari Bag
Moy StudioSari Bag
Sale price$170.00 USD
Aya Cotton Story BagAya Cotton Story Bag
Khoon HooiAya Cotton Story Bag
Sale price$70.00 USD
Peonies MinaudièrePeonies Minaudière
Neil FelippPeonies Minaudière
Sale price$1,100.00 USD
Tenun Clutch: Orange & BrownsTenun Clutch: Orange & Browns
Persephone MinaudièrePersephone Minaudière
Neil FelippPersephone Minaudière
Sale price$1,050.00 USD
Blue Shells Beaded BagBlue Shells Beaded Bag
[In]trigueBlue Shells Beaded Bag
Sale price$110.00 USD
Tenun Clutch: Blues & GreensTenun Clutch: Blues & Greens
Medusa and Midas Minaudière Medusa and Midas Minaudière
Neil FelippMedusa and Midas Minaudière
Sale price$1,100.00 USD
Tenun Fold Clutch in MixTenun Fold Clutch in Mix
Pink JambuTenun Fold Clutch in Mix
Sale price$300.00 USD
Maren Velvet in Metallic GreenMaren Velvet in Metallic Green
Batik Clutch: Browns & PurplesBatik Clutch: Browns & Purples
Tenun Clasp Clutch in OrangeTenun Clasp Clutch in Orange
Tenun Clutch: Reds & PinksTenun Clutch: Reds & Pinks
Batik Clutch: Blues & GreensBatik Clutch: Blues & Greens
Black Clutch HandbagBlack Clutch Handbag
Green Lovebirds HandbagGreen Lovebirds Handbag
Aki Cotton Story BagAki Cotton Story Bag
Khoon HooiAki Cotton Story Bag
Sale price$70.00 USD
Mandarin Duck Clutch BagMandarin Duck Clutch Bag
Ovolo Leather BagOvolo Leather Bag
Zacarias 1925Ovolo Leather Bag
Sale price$450.00 USD
Hannah Creel BagHannah Creel Bag
Zacarias 1925Hannah Creel Bag
Sale price$400.00 USD

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From designer bags to clothing and jewelry, heritage crafts remain the ultimate hallmark of luxury despite the rise of fast fashion and perpetual reinvention in the fashion industry. But in a diverse world like ours, many of Southeast Asia’s boutique brands and artisanship, including the ones in Malaysia, are struggling to get the recognition and international visibility they deserve. That is where Dia comes in.

Dia was born in the pursuit of building an online platform where consumers can discover artisanal brands, the beautiful things they create, and the story behind it all. We operate by a simple mantra: to give context and credit to authentic brands that employ artisans fairly and individuals who uphold the art of precision and quality in production

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Each and every bag you see in our catalogue is imbued with love and often handcrafted by artisans who engage artistic skills thathave beenwell-honed over generations. Our community of artisans are constantly taking up the challenge of fusing traditional techniques with contemporary designs, breathing a new life into artisanship. This itself is incredibly inspiring to know.

Without being constrained by borders or trends, like-minded individuals from all walks of life can now come together to appreciate the rich heritage of these timeless statement pieces, honor their ageless beauty, make more conscious fashion choices, and keep our mission moving forward.

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