Will You Join This New Adventure? Welcome to Dia

Will You Join This New Adventure? Welcome to Dia

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By Team Dia on November 4th, 2020

Dia is a different way to explore Southeast Asia. We’re a curated lifestyle platform featuring artisanal Southeast Asian brands, the stories behind them, and easy access to beautiful things. This is where you find handmade gifts or unique conversation-starters. This is where you can experience and support the region from anywhere in the world. 

We built Dia because it is urgent to us — the three Malaysian co-founders — that this space exists. The ancient craftsmanship in this region is being transformed into contemporary must-haves: Think accessories hand-carved from wood and pearl, painstakingly woven silk goods, hand-painted batik dresses fit for a ball. Yet Southeast Asia’s boutique brands and artisans were still not getting the global recognition they deserved, nor was there a platform dedicated to showcasing their creations to a global audience. 
That’s where Dia comes in. 

We want you to shop at Dia knowing that every purchase supports slow fashion brands and artisanship. That means you’re supporting thoughtful creation, often handmade, often using techniques passed from generation to generation. You’d also be part of a worldwide movement away from mass-produced fast fashion and towards slower and more conscious consumption. And what you’re getting in return is a special item made with craft and care. 

Beyond that, we’ll also be filling Dia with useful content like artisan profiles, travel guides, and honest experiences from us, the founders. We’re sharing these stories to be transparent about our boutique brands, recommend our favourite ways to discover Southeast Asia, and be candid about starting a small business. Down the line, we’ll be introducing offline events like parties and pop-ups too. 

Dia is a very curated space, and we want to make everything on this platform worth your while. So, join the Dia family on Instagram or sign up to our mailing list and send all your thoughts our way. We’re in this together.
The adventure has only begun, and we’re so glad you’re here for the ride. 

Kylie, Alia, & Aisha 
Dia Co-Founders



Team Dia is made up of Dia’s three co-founders: Kylie, Alia, & Aisha. They are friends from Malaysia who decided to create Dia in 2020 out of love for their home region. They have lived across the world and have worked in government, big data, journalism, hospitality, and market research. They’d love for you to join the Dia community.