Dia’s Take on Raya and the Last Dragon

Dia’s Take on Raya and the Last Dragon

By Megan Tan on June 25th, 2021

Inspired by Disney’s first Southeast Asian princess, Raya (indeed a cause to celebrate as “raya” means celebration in Malay!), we’ve curated a special selection of Dia products for each of the 5 lands in the kingdom of Kumandra: Heart, Tail, Talon, Spine, and Fang. These provinces are a melting pot of Southeast Asian cultures and traditions, with the movie focusing on themes of trust, togetherness and a sense of community.


Home to Raya, Heart is a land filled with lush rainforests and encompassed by the open blue sea. Their people hold a great devotion to water dragons, the Naga, which explains why Heart contains various water motifs. Seeing as Raya has been training her whole life to protect the Dragon Gem in Heart, the Olympia Ring in Aquamarine — inspired by the god of the sea, Poseidon — is a fitting piece to own. We chose to feature Fugeelah’s Peace Brooch as a tribute to Chief Benju, Raya’s father and a benevolent leader advocating for unity between all lands again.




Unlike Heart’s deep green forests, Tail is a dry desert land inspired by the Mekong River, the longest river in Southeast Asia. Millions of people rely on it as a source for drinking water, farming and fishing; there is a myth that water dragons live below the river — mirrored in the film as this is where Raya finally locates Sisu. We’ve picked two brands from Thailand, Kemissara and Rosa Supra, as the river flows through Nong Khai, a northeastern Thai province, as well as a Pink Jambu clutch that has an earthy feel reminiscent of Tail.




Built completely on water, this bustling city is characterized by marketplaces with merchants and vendors selling their wares, a reference to the floating markets found in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Indonesia. With a swindling and sly ruler, the residents can be identified by the bright magenta and violet hues of their clothing. Don a fuschia MAYA Shirt to blend right into the streets of Talon or if you prefer a more understated accessory, we’ve got you covered with a handwoven silk Ikat bag or a handcrafted batik shawl.




Juxtaposing the previous tribes, Spine balances out the vibrant and tropical climates with its dark and frigid weather. Guarded by strong warrior people, Spine is a snow-covered bamboo forest influenced by the ample amount of bamboo in Vietnam. A practical yet stylish piece, this Crinkled Chiffon Shawl in Black suits the muted tones favored by the Spine clan. Additionally, the silvery sheen of this Chiasa Bag blends with the environment’s frostiness, and is large enough to carry your essentials as you embark on a productive day wearing a pair of bamboo hoop earrings!




Surrounded by water at the head of the Dragon River, Fang is a prosperous land led by their imperious Chieftess Virana. Fang is known for having a proud royal family, hence why we picked the Cerak Knot Earrings in Agave and Lily, named after the proud peacock. With an affinity for bold jewelry choices, ALT’s durable pieces with innovative designs are perfectly suited for Fang. Lastly, Rosa Supra’s modern Mali Top reflects Princess Namaari’s aesthetic of stylish cream coloured outfits.



Photo Credits: Disney, Disney+, DisneyRaya (Instagram)

Megan is Dia’s intern and a Fashion Marketing & Management student in Malaysia. She has worked on projects with brands such as Fugeelah, and is interning for fashion influencers based in the UK. Apart from fashion, Megan is interested in business and psychology, and enjoys creating art and reading novels. She will be furthering her education at London College of Fashion in September 2021.