10 Unique Gifts Under $100

10 Unique Gifts Under $100

by Aisha Hassan on December 3rd, 2020

Giving someone a gift they will treasure is a wonderful feeling! Even better when it’s a unique item made by skilled artisans, and supports their livelihoods.

Here at Dia, we take pride in our curation of artisanal products that are perfect as personal and handmade gifts. We know it’s sometimes hard to find investment pieces that don’t break the bank, so we’ve rounded up 10 unique gifts under $100 for you. We hope you find something special for someone you love, or for yourself.

Rama Loop Earrings, $68

Why it’s special: These handmade earrings were individually crafted by Lorraine Lee, the founder of Borneo-based TALEE Studio, and their sculptural shape is sure to stand out. This pair is part of the Hosanna series, which is inspired by the hues of our genesis and the natural world, and is aptly named “Butterfly” in Malay. Lorraine started her jewelry brand after her father had a second chance at life, and she hopes that each pair will accompany the wearer during unforgettable moments. 

Abstract Sahara Twilly in Warm Tones, $50

A versatile artwork: This elegant silk twilly can be worn around the neck, tied around a bag, or even used as a belt. The fabric was hand-painted by the founder, Fern Chua, and a small group of artisans in Malaysia. The unique pattern is inspired by travels to Morocco and the Sahara Desert. We love these neutral warm tones because they match anything, but the blue version is equally striking.

Glam Mali Crop Top in Black, $65

How to steal the show: With this bold crop top that fuses traditional Thai patterns with a contemporary silhouette, of course. This is one of those pieces that can be worn all-year-round, and is perfect for drinks or a dinner party. We like the contrast between the black and gold, which is itself a luxe and classic color combination.

Glam Mali Crop Top in Creme, $65

A ray of sunshine: The golden gleam on this Mali Crop Top is radiant, trust us, and would look even more incredible with some bold jewelry. It’s also seasonless and is a standout piece that’s perfect for the holiday season, no matter where you are. “Mali” means Jasmine in Thai, which is commonly celebrated as a symbol of blessings and good fortune.

Rosey Habotai Silk Scarf, $90

The art of nature: This investment piece is made of luxurious Habotai silk that’s been painted with a beautiful floral motif. The pattern is inspired by the Damascus Rose Valley in Morocco. This elegant take on batik is just one example of how FERN transforms the traditional craft into modern, versatile pieces.

Travel Pouch in Mixed Colors, $75

Handwoven and versatile: We love the unusual combination of gold, teal, and earth tones in this travel pouch. The fabric is Tenun Rangrang, a handwoven textile from the Indonesian islands of Bali and Lombok. “Rangrang” literally means “holes” in Balinese, and refers to small holes in the surface of the fabric that help create the motif. The pouch can even be used as a day bag for work, and also comes in a peachy pink shade.

Unta Knot Earrings, $88

A bold style statement: Every handmade earring from TALEE Studio, including this one, is tied free-form and without sketches, which makes them unique to the brand. The dark brown knot and light blue tassels on these earrings are also unusual contrasting colors, which makes it even more special. Get this for your stylish friend who isn’t afraid of bold accessories.

Titin in Orange, $90

Brighten someone’s day: The Titin is one of Frankitas’ signature pieces, and is actually named after and crafted by the brand founder’s aunt. This elegant clutch features vibrant handwoven Ikat fabric, which was historically used in ceremonial dress to symbolize wealth and prestige. This bag adds tropical flair to any climate.

Courage Ring, from $70

Bold ethical jewelry: The eye-catching geometric design on this ring makes it stand out from the crowd. You can give it as a gift not needing to worry about tarnishing or sizing either: Every ALT piece is coated in at least 2.5 microns of precious metal plating and is adjustable in size. Better yet, the base metal of each piece is made from upcycled materials, which is later handcrafted by skilled artisans who work at fair trade organizations.

Eden Ring, from $70

More is more: Another great thing about ALT pieces is that they are great for stacking with other jewelry. The Eden Ring is inspired by clean lines and designed for everyday wear — Style it alone for understated elegance, or wear it in combination with a handful of rings and cuffs. A perfect addition if you want to give someone a jewelry care package!


Aisha Hassan is a writer, journalist, and co-founder of Dia. Previously, Aisha worked for Quartz in New York and Harper’s Bazaar in Malaysia. Her fiction has been published in international literary magazines. She has a bachelor’s degree in English Language & Literature from the University of Oxford, and a master’s degree from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism.