Extraordinary Gifts For That Special Someone

Extraordinary Gifts For That Special Someone

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By Kylie Francis on December 9th, 2020

This holiday season may not be as festive as previous years, but that’s all the more reason to spread some cheer to those near and dear with a thoughtfully chosen gift! We’ve rounded up some incredible, handcrafted items that they’ll treasure for years to come, plus the perfect pieces to pair each gift with.

For the Art History Buff

Batik Clasp Clutch in Royal Blue, $280

Reminiscent of Matisse cut-outs, this royal blue clutch is hand-crafted in Thailand from luxuriously soft silk crêpe de chine. The batik pattern is hand-drawn with hot wax using the traditional method of tulis (meaning “writing”), before the dye is hand-painted on the cloth. This laborious technique requires a high degree of skill and each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Pair it with Sahara Dunes Simo Midi Dress in Cool Tones, $256

This elegant, blue batik midi dress has chic blouson sleeves and drapes effortlessly through the neck ties and skirt. The 'cornflower' color will work with everything from rose-gold jewelry to a bold red lip.

For the Sustainably Minded

Bethel Handcuff, $135

Whether she shops sustainably or you’re looking to shop more responsibly this holiday season, this cuff made from upcycled, precious metals is both conscious and covetable.

Pair it with Unta Knot Earrings in Umber and Oasis, $88

This handmade earring was tied free-form and without sketches in Sabah, a state in Borneo. The dark brown knot and light blue tassels are unusual contrasting colors, which makes it eye-catching.

For the Inventive

Abstract Sahara Multiway Scarf in Warm Tones, $102

You can’t go wrong with something classic, like this sumptuous silk multiway scarf. What we love about it is the endless styling possibilities as it can be worn in not one, not two, but six ways! Whether wearing it as a shrug, a top, or a scarf, it instantly elevates any outfit and makes for the perfect layering piece.

Pair it with Tenun Long Clutch in Orange, $320

Add a pop of color to every outfit with this handwoven, orange clutch. It fits everything you need for an evening at an art gallery opening, or slip it into your shoulder bag to bring to the office.

For the Woman Who Has Everything

Siren Minaudière in Black, $980

Shopping for that person who always seems to have the latest and greatest is a challenge. Instead of trying to get your hands on that new bag that everyone else has, turn instead to a limited edition keepsake such as this exquisite minaudière. You might remember it from the Crazy Rich Asians movie scene when the impeccably-dressed Astrid Leong makes an entrance at the wedding of Colin and Araminta. Were guests gasping at the sight of her reclusive grandmother, or at the intricately-carved, golden mermaid lying serenely on her black clutch?

Pair it with Tenun Selendang Scarf in Orange, $460

When you invest in a tenun item, you’re also immersing yourself in the storied history of the fabric. Tenun’s arduous production process entails weaving different colored threads into one single cloth, an endeavor that could take weeks, if not months, to complete. This particular scarf for instance, took four full weeks to create. It is no wonder that tenun was traditionally reserved for royalty, and is favored by Malaysia’s Queen Azizah. Drape it elegantly around your shoulders to keep you feeling cozy while looking stylish.

For the Anglophile

Tenun Fold Clutch in Mix, $320

For fans of The Crown, remember those pink gingham trousers that Princess Diana is seen rocking as she skates through Buckingham Palace listening to the '80s hit "Girls On Film" by Duran Duran? While you might have thought of gingham as a distinctly British print, in fact gingham comes from Southeast Asia. The etymology of the word comes from the Malayan word genggang, or “striped.” Mills in Manchester, England started to latch on to gingham production in the eighteenth century in order to revive their struggling economies.

Pair it with Cerak Knot Earrings in Agave and Lily, $68

These bohemian earrings are handmade in Borneo, and will make you stand out like a beautiful peacock, which is apt given that “cerak” is Malay for peacock.
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