3 Outfit Ideas for Style that Stands Out

3 Outfit Ideas for Style that Stands Out

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by Aisha Hassan on December 12th, 2020

We encourage everyone to tell a story with their style. This holiday season may not be full of tropical vacations or large parties, but you can still live vicariously through beautiful items that remind you of exciting times or faraway places. Thoughtful fashion choices are a surefire way to stand out even in everyday situations — sipping coffee, walking the streets alone, drinking with friends at home. Try these outfit ideas for yourself.

Cafe Chic

Hera Neck Cuff, $135
Flower Mali Crop Top in Creme, $65
Batik Long Clutch in Peacock Blue, $260

Whether you’re meeting someone for a coffee date or reading alone with tea and cake by your side, it feels good to amp up a casual outfit. We like small touches that make all the difference. The Hera Neck Cuff looks just as good on bare skin as it does over a turtleneck, and this upcycled accessory truly gleams.

We picked the Flower Mali Crop Top in Creme because the peachy neutrals look great with jeans, and we’d finish off the outfit with the Batik Long Clutch in Peacock Blue, which would also match your best denim. Not only is this clutch one of a kind, but the satin silk batik was meticulously hand-painted by skilled Malaysian artisans.

Out on the Town

Souk Blouse, $132
Putri S Bag in Lilac and Teal, $125
Naomi Short Ring, $60

Eye-catching fashion will definitely get you spotted on the streets. Or at the grocery store. Or while walking your dog. (You get it.) These items are both functional and stylish in addition to being from slow fashion brands, and are a great accompaniment for your daily activities. The tie-dye Souk Blouse has comfortable puffed sleeves and an adjustable collar, plus its light hue will match almost anything. Carry the Putri S Bag in Lilac and Teal because it has a convenient removable shoulder strap and is coated in handwoven ikat fabric. Finish the look with the clean geometric design of the Naomi Short Ring, which adds an elegant touch.

The House Party

Palm Leaves Multiway Pareo in Plum, $212
Persephone Minaudière, $980
Batik Twill Silk Shawl, $350

You might not be at a crowded bar or restaurant any more, but that’s probably all the more reason to be discerning with your outfit choices since your picks will be in more intimate settings. A pareo is the more interesting alternative to a skirt, and we’d pair the Palm Leaves Multiway Pareo in Plum — inspired by Morrocco — with a neutral strappy top. Put all your essentials in the Persephone Minaudière, which is hand-painted by Filipino artisans, adorned with gold-plated bees, and named after the Goddess of Undead (that’s a conversation starter). Finish the look with a bold Batik Twill Silk Shawl that will leave behind a blaze of color when you walk in and out the door.

Aisha Hassan is a writer, journalist, and co-founder of Dia. Previously, Aisha worked for Quartz in New York and Harper’s Bazaar in Malaysia. Her fiction has been published in international literary magazines. She has a bachelor’s degree in English Language & Literature from the University of Oxford, and a master’s degree from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism.