6 Pieces They'll Fall in Love With

6 Pieces They'll Fall in Love With

by Kylie Francis on Feburary 9th, 2021

Someone you love deserves something made with love. With February still full of travel and social restrictions, it’s been challenging to plan romantic surprises or celebratory gestures. So whether you’ve been sharing a living space or forced to express your affection via Zoom, a thoughtful gift can go a long way in making your partner or good friends feel special. After all, an exquisite fashion item is also an investment that signals hope for the future, for when we can be out with our loved ones again. Here are six items that have us swooning.


Putri S in Purple and Blue, RM508

The Putri S bags are one of our bestsellers, and for good reason. Each bag features a unique circular silhouette in handwoven silk Ikat, and comes with a removable, lightweight chain that you can wear in two different ways. The product is named after the founder’s dear friend, and the motif on this Putri S in particular features upside down hearts.


Dara Cuff, from RM488

It’s cuffing season, and we are rather attached to this conscious and covetable cuff. The brass base is crafted by Cambodian artisans using upcycled bombshell casings and it’s also adjustable, which makes for the perfect surprise gift!


Jadeite Obi Silk Handbag in Red Green Flower, RM1,546

This unique bag was crafted from authentic vintage kimono and obi silks, as well as a mother’s love. The brand is inspired by the founder’s young daughter, Sophia, and the genuine jade dangle was sourced from another working mother in Malaysia. Red on one side and green on another, this piece is also perfect for Chinese New Year.


Medusa and Midas Minaudière, RM4,395

If love is the stuff of fairy tales, then what better place to look for inspiration than in Neil Felipp’s collection of exquisite minaudières, featured in Crazy Rich Asians. The Medusa and Midas minaudière in particular, is based on a surreal love story of what would happen if Medusa, the woman cursed with snakes for hair and a stone gaze, and Midas, the king cursed with the golden touch, met and fell in love. Both cursed as they were, they decided on a deadly embrace. As Medusa becomes gold and Midas turns into stone, their lips are forever sealed in a kiss.


Batik Long Clutch in Black, RM1,051

This clutch is crafted from lustrous silk fabric. The heart-shaped batik pattern is hand-drawn with hot wax using the traditional method of tulis (meaning “writing”), before the dye is hand-painted on the cloth. This laborious technique requires a high degree of skill and each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.


Abstract Sahara Multiway Scarf in Warm Tones, RM488

You can’t go wrong with something classic, like this sumptuous silk multiway scarf. What we love about it is the endless styling possibilities as it can be worn in not one, not two, but six ways! Whether wearing it as a shrug, a top, or a scarf, it instantly elevates any outfit and makes for the perfect layering piece.

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Kylie is Dia’s co-founder based in New York City. Hailing from a family of journalists and writers, Kylie grew up with a passion for stories and a curiosity about the world. This has led her to travel extensively across the globe and she has lived in Malaysia, Zimbabwe and the United States. Kylie graduated with a Bachelor’s in Government from Harvard University and an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.